I don't understand why companies like SelectHealth don't take a pro-active approach to health care. I have plantar fasciitis, and before it's gets so bad that I can't walk and have to have shots in my foot, I asked if they would cover some physical therapy (massage and...
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I liked
  • That they reimbursement me for my gym membership
I didn't like
  • That they do not consider pm a legitimate health insurance cost
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Select Health Review

I was 2 days late paying my 508.00 premium theu cancelled me i know its because ive had to many claims and its a possibility i may need back surgery soon !!there telling me i owe them 1400.00 for meds they paid for i spoke with the pharmacist my meds only cost me a month about 400.00 how can they charge me 1400.00 this is a medical SCAM !!!
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A dear friend of mine has been fighting for three weeks to have procedure approved for her son that would save his functioning kidney. One kidney is at only 20% and the other was healthy at the beginning of this year but because Select Health was will not approve the...
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I was referred to Huntsman Cancer Hospital after two abnormal colonoscopies with my "in network" doctors. Was told the insurance would cover the procedure due to "family history" and that I have had two abnormal test results prior. Now Select Health is denying the...
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Paid Cobra insurance premiums...for Select Med. No one seems to know where the payments went. Claims paid then reversed. Coming close to 1 year with Cobra saying case in review...get back w me 5-10 business days. Bills sent to collections.
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Your supposed to send your payments to your former Employer and they send in the payment with their regular monthly Group premium?? where did you mail them to??? Not sure this...

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